* This project was published in the book Interactive Packaging Design by Peng Chong

Since 1916, The National Park Service has been entrusted with the care of our National Parks. With the help of volunteers and partners, they protect these special places and share their beauty with more than 275 million visitors every year.

Not only do National Parks have a rich history dating back thousands of years, but they provide an opportunity for people to connect, explore, and learn about their country. National Parks are home to 70% of threatened species, provide economic value to the country through both domestic and international tourism, and serves as a sanctuary for relaxation, exercise, and inspiration.

Hiking brand, 1872, and its customers have a desire to help preserve all National Parks (59 nationally) and Historic Parks (80,000 nationally) under the National Parks Service umbrella. By donating 15% of all profits to the National Park Service, 1872 promises to promote patriotism and historical preservation while being environmentally conscious. The customers can experience the impact of their purchase by traveling to the parks and experiencing them first hand.

Inspired by the topography that makes up the landscapes of National Parks, the hiking boots sit within the landscape of the box.

1872 also sells custom park bandanas created through a chemical photographic printing process called cyanotype. Included is a laminated card explaining how to use your bandana for survival.