More and more people are using their mobile devices to track and make record of their everyday experiences. We track our steps, monitor our eating, capture our life and document memories through pictures and videos, and then we share it all – with everyone. Traveling in particular provides endless opportunities for all of these types of tracking and documentation.
        We are already able to track our activity, heart rate, steps, and other personal stats through technology like the Apple Watch and FitBit. New technologies are being developed to track emotion through skin temperature and facial tracking. With the huge trend of wearable technology amongst millennials and being in the age of human obsession to share our lives, Sense + Structure capitalizes on these trends to enhance the travel experience and tourism industry by showing people the physiological and emotional effects architecture has on your body.
Sense + Structure is a museum spanning the world with architectural sites as its exhibit pieces. Sense + Structure facilitates a new travel experience by capturing your body’s emotional and physiological reactions to architecture using data from your synced Apple Watch. The mobile app provides a growing collection of the world’s most impressive architecture for users to browse, visit, and experience. The smart wearable device captures the user’s heart rate and emotions at specific coordinates of a site and creates data visualizations of the user’s biodata, serving as a new way of journaling your travel experiences.

Awarded Gold in Graphic New Talent Annual 2020 Competition

The app and wearable device tracks the users heart rate, emotion, steps, miles, and altitude at each architectural site.

Since all users walk through a site differently, there are sensor points throughout the site. When the user walks into the points radius, the data is tracked in a new module. In order to make the tracked data as directly comparable in the app, the modules re-order so you can compare your experience with friends or the general public.

During the onboarding process, Sense + Structure gets to know your preferences by asking you to select different architectural styles and personality questions to better curate site suggestions to you.
        Once you create your profile, you will be asked to preform a baseline test with your wearable device. Since everyone’s resting heart rate is different, the baseline test will be factored in when the data is recorded, making the data more accurately comparable.

In the stats section you can see all of the sites you’ve visited with your biodata. Click on the site to compare with friends or public, and view by all, day, month or year.

The app will curate trips according to the preferences you selected during onboarding. You can also create and plan your own trips by searching.

The feed is where you can view all your friends recent trips and stats. You can view your friends list or add friends by searching or scanning their QR code.

In the discover section of the app you can view by searching on the map. Narrow down your search by using the filters, and browse different sites and their stats. From there you can favorite them or add to a trip.

Location services will send you a notification when you are close to a site. After your visit you can quick view your stats on your watch and use your phone to share your trip with friends and socials instantly.

Sense + Structure sends out advertising packages to architectural sites they want to partner with. These sites get featured on the app, brochures and other marketing materials. The package contains an iPhone and Apple Watch that runs the app and how their architectural site would be featured. The package also contains a book that runs through the basics of Sense + Structure and the advertising packages available to buy.

Sense + Structure brochures can be found on brochure walls and architectural sites worldwide. They are categorized by architectural style and features sites from all over the world.

Sense + Structure sells Apple Watch straps at retail stores. Included in the package is a mini interactive poster advertisment and a QR code to download the app.