Big Brother is a television reality game show that follows a group of strangers from all over the country, known as HouseGuests, all of which are competing to win $500,000. They live together in the Big Brother house under constant survelliance. Over 100 cameras and microphone capture their every move. They are completely cut off from the outside world and can not have communication or access to internet, cell phones, television, or books. This game is full of lies, backstabbing, and deception– whatever it takes to be the last one standing.

The HouseGuests must balance a good physical, mental, and social game to get to the end. They form alliances to work together to get themselves farther in the game. Some players rely on winning competitions to keep them safe, while others are “floaters”and stay out of the drama. No matter what your strategy is, you must try to avoid the nomination block. The HouseGuest that wins the Head of Household competition each week will nominate two HouseGuest’s for eviction. Later in the week, the Head of Household, both nominee’s, and 3 other players chosen at random will compete in the Power of Veto competition. The winner has the power to take one nominee off the block or leave the nominations the same. If a nominee is taken off the block, the Head of Household must rename another nominee. The nominated HouseGuests will campaign for votes to stay. At the end of the week the eligible HouseGuests vote in private who they want to be evicted from the Big Brother house. This continues for 3 months until the last two HouseGuests are standing. On finale night, the last 9 evicted HouseGuests will return from being sequestered in the Jury House and cast their votes to crown the winner of Big Brother.
Each season there are different twists in the game that challenge the HouseGuests like never before. Season 18’s first twist started on day 1 in the house. The 12 new HouseGuests were suprised when 4 returning players entered the game for their second chance to compete for the half a million dollar prize. The next twist of the game was that the 16 HouseGuests had to play the game in teams. Each team consisted of 3 newbies and 1 returner. When a HouseGuest won Head of Household, their whole team was safe from eviction that week. The Houseguests found out about the third twist later in the week called the BB Roadkill. Following the nomination ceremony, the HouseGuests competed in the BB Roadkill competition, with the winner earning the power to privately nominate a third HouseGuest for eviction. Following the competition, the HouseGuests were privately informed if they won or lost. The winner annonomously names the third nominee that is then revealed to the house. The teams and BB Roadkill twist ended in week 5 and the contestants were free to play the game on their own. The next twist was introduced after the 5th HouseGuest was evicted, giving one of them a chance to re-enter the game. The first two evictees faced off in a duel, with the winner advancing to face the next evicted HouseGuest. The last evictee standing got to re-enter the game. In week 6, the HouseGuests were introduced to the last big twist called America’s Care Package. America would vote to give one HouseGuest per week a special power that can help them in the game.

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