This catalog is a collection of receipts I have been collecting since 2009. Receipts are a common and arbitrary part of our daily lives and are not valued amongst their owners. They are disposed as trash or shoved to the bottom of a shopping bag without hesitation. Although my collection began with the purpose of keeping records, as a designer, I saw the visual value they posses. I appreciate the changing grid, unique typography, and paper type. These little typographic pieces of art are created and distributed at mass quantities, but go unrecognized. In this catalog I break down this common piece of paper and show the visual elements I find beauty in.
“I am visually attracted to receipts for a number of reasons I can’t explain. The way their unique and unreproducible typo- graphy is so strong locked into a specific grid is just so exciting because no two receipts from different vendors look the same. There are so many ways to create the same look and message, and the combinations never grow tiring. Plus, they’re so cute!”
— Gabi Stahley, collector